My first computer was a TI-99/4A. This is the computer I learned to program on. I used this as my only computer until 1989. It was used for papers, solving math, programming, drawing, and gaming.

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My Projects for the 4A:

Availability: I don’t make hardware to sell anymore. My designs are open source. Generally ArcadeShopper.com is able to source from alternative builders.

TIPI - Storage and network solution

TipiPEB Sideport TIPI

All the details are on Github, the tipi wiki is for end users.

Sideport 32k - Memory expansion for bare consoles


TI99UsbKeys - Use USB keyboard to control your TI-99/4A

finished board


Force Command

1980s like DOS/command line for TI-99/4A

TI-99/4A Memory Test

Memory tester in cartridge ROM form (single 8k ROM). This can test 32k, Foundation 128k, Myarc 128k (and larger sizes), and SAMS compatible memory boards.

TI-99/4A FTP client for TIPI

There is an FTP command built into Force Command, but this is a standalone EA5 tool supporting FTP traversal and file download.

TI-99/4A Extended BASIC TIPI mouse driver

Program to it just like the legacy Mechatronics Mouse, but uses a mouse connected to the Raspberry PI via TIPI to the TI-99/4A.