My first exposure to MSX was back in the mid-80s, as part of the description of the Yamaha 9938 VDP used by the Myarc Geneve 9640.

I have relatively recently (early 2017) imported a Panasonic FS-A1FX MSX2+ computer from Japan. With my TI-99/4A background, this computer is a joy. All of the MSX(1) game titles feel like they should be on a 4A. And the MSX2 titles are things we should be able to pull off on a Geneve.

I think it is really unfortunate that the MSX standard didn’t make more waves in the USA. What if home computing didn’t converge with business computing?

My Projects for the MSX

msx io slot


I purchased a GR8BIT(tm) kit this (2018) spring, and assembled it all. This was a huge learning exercise. Checkout the GR8BIT(tm) site! I’m a solder junky. Building this tought me a lot of electronics techniques, soldering techniques, and patience. Working with the creator Eugeny Brychkov was a pleasure.

open gr8box assembled boards gr8bit in pc case

You get a kit with all the parts to build out the pcboards, and then you fit it in your own case.

The GR8BIT(tm) gives me a very expandable MSX2+ computer to continue explorer. After building the initial kit design, there are still many upgrades that can be done. I look forward to many more weekends of pushing this system. It has completely replaced my Panasonic for regular use.

I’ve contributed 3D printable models for all the standard card brackets that come with the GR8BOX kit. They are available in the gr8bit downloads site.


There is a version without the cut-out for the ethernet port. I personally have a GR8NET cartridge in one of the internal bus to slot adapters.

For full use, I rewired slot decoding outputs on the mother board so that one of the sub-slots for slot-3 and slot-2 (un-expanded) are swapped. This allows the full functionality of the GR8NET inside the machine. Swapping IC-39 pin 9 output signal with IC-31 pin 6. I used solid core wire, so I could just insert it into the sockets, preventing any non-reversable modifications to the pcboard.