My first exposure to MSX was back in the mid-80s, as part of the description of the Yamaha 9938 VDP used by the Myarc Geneve 9640.

I have relatively recently imported a Panasonic FS-A1FX MSX2+ computer from Japan. With my TI-99/4A background, this computer is a joy. All of the MSX(1) game titles feel like they should be on a 4A. And the MSX2 titles are things we should be able to pull off on a Geneve.

I think it is really unfortunate that the MSX standard didn’t make more waves in the USA. What if home computing didn’t converge with business computing?

My Projects for the MSX

  • IO Slot Expander - Expand the second slot to a slot + IO-only slot.


I purchased a GR8BIT(tm) kit this spring, and assembled it all. This was a huge learning exercise. Checkout the GR8BIT(tm) site! I’m a solder junky. Building this tought me a lot of electronics techniques, soldering techniques, and patience. Working with the creator Eugeny Brychkov was a pleasure.

The GR8BIT(tm) gives me a very expandable MSX2+ computer to continue explorer. After building the initial kit design, there are still many upgrades that can be done. I look forward to many more weekends of pushing this system.