Beery Miller’s 9640 NEWS

Beery Miller was the spearhead for the effort of Geneve 9640 owners to buy the unrestricted source code rights for the Geneve from Myarc (MDOS, ABASIC, GPL, GEME, and the P-System Runtime Environment). Those of the community that were concerned about the issue donated money to a fund Beery, who managed until we had enough, to buy them out. They then as a group, immediately made the source code Public Domain. Beery was the code maintainer for quite some time, taking the OS to (at least) version 2.5. Beyond that it moved on to others. 9640 News was Beery’s software company. He published the newsletter (on disk) for several years, and also issued several games for ABASIC, 9640 Windows, and a number of other MDOS utilities.

9640 NEWS disk subscription

There were 3 volumes of disks that were distributed as a disk based newsletter, delivering valuable articles and software resources to users who would not otherwise have had access to this wealth, or simply anyone who found this model of consumption more handy.

The disk newsletters were typically composed of a few text files, and numerous archive files that contained software, source code, and articles.

For modern convience, and my personal consumption, I am in the process of transforming the text from this content as found on to html pages. I cannot be sure of the dates for much of this content. I am guessing, typically trying to be accurate to the year and month.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3